Love, Sex aur Dhokha!

Basant 2011

I had already had my share of fun in the day watching the 60 somethings slug it out in the ‘Alumni Sports’. My sincerest apologies, but it was funny! I know when I’ll be on the wrong side of 60, I too will find it difficult to make the bat meet the ball, and a 20 something lad would be making fun of me, but that’s a long time from now,so I can be a jerk for the time being!

Then there was the kite-flying session. It actually turned out to be a miniature kite flying session, with the kites brought from Liliput for the cheapest rates, probably 100 pieces for a buck. Bummer! And the‘manjha’ was actually synthetic ‘saddi’ in fancy bright yellows and greens! Now if you give that kind of cheapo stuff to a UP wallah and ask him to go fly a kite, then he would probably tie your bum to the kite and send you soaring!
Anyway, after a morning of disappointment, I was eagerly looking forward to the evening. I was roaming around with a camera in the college grounds. It had been close to 2 hours and I had clicked the event in all its details. Now, I was looking for those candid, spicy shots! And my mood was coinciding by the rose giving session. It had been going on for a while, but was starting to pick up the pace as the sun was setting. Perhaps, the guys would find it easier to save their faces in the dark in case something goes wrong!
See, it goes this way. First year girls sell roses to anyone whose willing(or not) to buy them, at ten times their actual cost. That’s making money, all right. The guy who purchases it (or is forced to purchase it) then gives that rose to a girl, who invariably is from the first year.(New chicks seem to be an easy prey!) And so the rose safely makes its way back to the sales window from where it is again set as bait to catch another fool. Smart business, eh??
So I see these two girls approach a guy. Both of them are carrying red roses,lots of them. After a lot of debate and no-no, the guy, very unwillingly, purchases a red rose for 200 bucks! And if that’s not stupid enough the guy asks the seller girl to accept it. The seller girl refuses,which actually surprises me. Given that if she had accepted, she was practically getting 200 bucks for free! (Which again proves that most girls are dumb, and they can only appear clever in the company of a dumber guy!)
The guy is left pondering what to do with that rose bud, while the seller girl ruthlessly says out to her partner-in-crime, as both of them walk across me- “Mujhe kya karna hai? Wos kisi ko bhi de rose…mujhe toh sirf paise se matlab hai!”
(No) Love, (No) Sex, (Only) Dhokha!

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