You should…

…concentrate on your studies. Yeh ladki wadki ke chakkar chhod de,kuch nahi milta in sab se!”- Mom

…concentrate on me more.You don’t give me enough time.”- Girlfriend

…pass the ball. Self mat khela kar.”- A soccer teammate

…keep possession. Thoda dribble toh kiya kar.”- Another soccer teammate

…call your mom everyday.”- Dad

…call your dad everyday.”- Mom

…call your sister everyday.”- both Mom and Dad

…call me as many times as you can.”- Girlfriend

…grow long hair.Aajkal toh lambe baal ka fashion hai bhaiyya!”- Barber

…keep short hair. Lafange ladke baal lambe karte hain!”- Grandmother

…crack CAT and go to the IIM’s. Aajkal MBA mein bahut paisa hai!”- Family

…crack UPSC and become IAS. Shaan ki naukri hai. Aur uppar ki kamai bhi hai!”- Granddfather

…crack GRE and go to the ‘US of A’.Yahan India mein kya rakha hai?”- Relatives

…lose your virginity,dude!”- A ‘Casanova’ friend

…not talk about ‘it’ with me.It’s bad.”- Girlfriend

…go for arrange marriage.It will make your parents happy.”- A friend who is herself committed for 6 years and plans to introduce her boyfriend to her family soon

…go for love marriage. Parents sab maan jaate hain.”- A self proclaimed loveguru

………………And I thought this was my life,huh!!!


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