The 15 minutes of Indian Nationalism

Here’s to the chronic attacks of enlightenment suffered by the biggest democratic demography in the world.An excerpt of what we Indians believe the world is like:

1.Gandhi was reincarnated. And in his second avatar he has just finished off every last bit of corruption in the country.Because corruption is a person and not a flaw in a person,and hence can be prosecuted in a Lokpal. If I had a dime for every time a committee was formed in India!

2.There was only one girl ever who was shot dead in public for refusing a drink to a rich SOB. No girl, or for that matter no person has had to pay with her life for stupid reasons since then,just because we candle marched all the way to India Gate-the symbol of martyrdom- which by the way happens to be a great picnic/dating/chilling out spot on too!

3.Indians are the most patriotic people in the world. Don’t believe it? Look at the way we squeeze in national anthem between a trailer and a movie in cinema halls. But we don’t(can’t) wave/wear the tricolour because that’s of course a disrespect to the nation.

4.Bollywood movies and songs are the best form of stimulating sentiments of the masses towards social, political and national issues. Exceptions to this rule are movies based on homosexual relationships, caste based reservation and gender disparity.

5.People like me are good-for-nothing whiners and traitors; a threat to national sovereignty, security and integrity because we tend to expose the inherent hypocritical ideologies of our fellow citizens.

The entire coverage of this troublesome phenomenon of  ‘deep,ignorant slumber followed by non directional awakening’ cycle is beyond the scope of this post.The severity of the condition lies in the fact that how easily we submit ourselves to anything that tends to touch our emotional nerves rather than hit our logical anvils. By being so susceptible to persuasion and manipulation, we are doing nothing but inviting abuse.


6 thoughts on “The 15 minutes of Indian Nationalism”

  1. Thank you. I share your feelings. I see the stupidity in every single moral poser on facebook and other public forums. And it makes me wanna hit my head against a wall! Some examples would be that of:
    1. Protests against the tomatina festival in Bangalore because those tomatoes could “feed the poor.” Would those tomatoes have gone to the poor if these guys hadn’t bought them at fair prices and thrown them at each other?
    2. Blaming politicians for the failure of events like the CWG because, really, your dad who is a contractor in Delhi isn’t one bit corrupt, and even if he is; Kalmadi has scaled it up to a level you dad never would.
    3. Blaming the Congress for every single thing that’s going wrong, but call someone a hardliner for telling you to vote for the opposition just this once, so there’s a fear in the party’s mind. Who will you vote for then? “No one! Because they’re all assholes” I believe.
    4.Support Anna Hazare even though he has no record of doing anything till date. All he has is an idea which may or may not work. And don’t support Subramanian Swamy even though he’s the one who got Raja and Kanimozhi and Kalmadi persecuted in the first place.
    5. Support people from other religions and castes in the name of diversity and tolerance; but lash out openly at atheists.

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