The sight of shining metal under the moonlight tells me I’m alive!

The woman in my bed, screaming-“Get back here, don’t you dare leave me!-tells me I’m pretty much dead!

The warmth of the saddle is inviting,

More than the wholesome body back in my bed.

The black leather is enticing,

Never looked that good on the bitch back there!

The engine’s still cold,

Certainly not as cold as I felt with her.

The fuel’s where it oughta be.

The girl’s getting what she gave to me.

But it ain’t gas that fires the smoke off the pipe.

Its memories that are gonna burn tonight.

The click of the throttle tells me it’s time to move.

The woman’s still pouring her lungs out. ‘think it’s really time to move on.

The road’s empty and devoid of a living soul.

Pretty much the same state as I.

I look back one last time. Not at her, no.

It’s just to appreciate what lies ahead.

The spark turns it up. Ignites me. Sets her on fire.

The roar of the pistons drowns her clamour.

I breathe in the spirit of the night. And with it my life back.

There’s nothing I leave behind save dust, dirt and a dead relationship.


9 thoughts on “Emancipation”

  1. This is one of the most lucid modern poetry that I have come across in recent times….Something I could easily connect to…Keep it up!!!

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