The Rattling Just Wouldn’t Go!

Mornings can play a complete bitch sometimes. Given the amount of responsibility on its shoulders, you would expect a decent morning to prep you up for the day ahead. But no sir, with great responsibility comes the license to play a bitch!

The routine schedule of going through e-mails and reading random blogs, along with the usual side platters Facebook and Twitter, was disturbed by dear mommy’s distress call. Now, let me tell you THAT is not the thing you want in the morning. That’s the thing you don’t want the whole day either. Or night. She has this way of calling out my monosyllable nick in different ways to go with her purpose and mood. It’s like a Britannica of tones and we certainly don’t want to venture in that territory, not at the moment at least.

I got my lazy ass up to the kitchen which was the source of SOS. Apparently, the fridge was giving some trouble, making unwanted rattles. It kind of looked like an attention seeking tactic to me. Both on the part of the fridge and the mom. The most I was going to do was push,pull and turn the fridge. Probably finishing off with a kick in its ass,which seemed to be the trouble maker. Mom could have done that. She is better at kicking asses than me. But then, maybe this is her idea of telling me I need to get up and start doing some household work. And that the money they have spent on my engineering needs to be materialized thus.

Acting like a professional (mind the word ‘acting’ here), I examined the annoyed patient. It looked like an alignment problem. Probably the floor was playing foul which made the fridge cranky. My limited engineering knowledge prompted a push-pull-turn action. Nothing happened. Repeated it. No respite from the groaning appliance. 15 minutes gone and now along with the fridge I had to listen to mom’s rattlings too. So much for helping your parents! Like it was my fucking fault that the fridge was being a dildo!

Anyway, from force I turned to pleadings. I started pressing the fridge in different places, mentally asking it to calm down and not escalate the situation. It kind of worked actually as the noise stopped after a few minutes of pampering. Guess it had had enough attention for the day.

I looked triumphantly at mom, who downplayed it and opened the fridge to take out items for breakfast. And suddenly, the rattle resurfaced! What the hell fridge? Why won’t you just keep quiet?

It’s been over an hour now since the kitchen fiasco and I gave up about half an hour back. Even the kick didn’t work. I am having my breakfast now. Cornflakes with a heavy dose of nagging and rattling.

I hate this morning. I hope not everyone’s new year started with a struggle with home appliances!

PS- I am thinking of starting a comic strip on the blog soon. Excited!


19 thoughts on “The Rattling Just Wouldn’t Go!”

  1. much better than my new year morning….hangover, sleepless, fatigue, sore legs, in my friend’s place whose fridge was empty except for some Black & White, bacardi and old monk (yeah, more alcohol is what I needed after the party last night)….
    surprisingly her larder and pantry were fully stocked….so ended up peeling & cutting potatoes and carrots while she cooked khichidi and aloo mutter for brunch…..
    so yeah, while all u had to do for ur breakfast made by the best cook in the world is to kick & nudge the fridge for ur mom, I actually had to be in the kitchen to help my friend cook breakfast

      1. oh cmon, i thought u were teetotaler who hates going to so called “parties” and friends having hangovers

        how can ur morning suck more than mine…lazing infront of a laptop browsing & blogging while delicious homemade food magically appears on the table (or better, bedside) is heaven….u wud realize this once u start working and u r not at home….the Sophie’s choice that u have to make every weekend once u r working is that, get off the lazy ass and cook for homemade flavors or order some crap frm those intnl food chains and suffer the blandness of phirangi food (pizza or pastas or burgers)
        Its worse if u r cooking in ur friend-who’s-gal’s place – gotto cleanup afterwards though u have more equipment, raw-materials and skilled personnel to make complex food….unlike my bachelor pad where the cleaning can wait for the maid tmrw though the food i can make is restricted to the set {maggi, instant pasta, corn flakes, dal, biryani, kichidi}

        1. I am teetotaler but I don’t hate parties! I dunno whatever gave you that impression!
          And what you are repeatedly calling delicious homemade food was a bowl of cornflakes. In case you couldn’t notice above because of your hangover.
          And if you insist so badly, then you can keep the my-mornings-suck tag! Hope that makes you a bit happy! 😛

  2. dont talk about hangovers… new year morning was hell ….. slept for 2 hours den had 2 clear up frnz house and den the headache…..

  3. that sucked huh?
    I watched Don2 on new year which ‘someone’ had recommended and believe me, getting tortured in the theatre with a newfound hatred of SRK-PC-Farhan Akhtar was not how I wanted to start my new year.
    “My limited engineering knowledge prompted a push-pull-turn action”…congrats! u r a true engineer 😉

    1. Who told you take movie reviews from every wannabe-author-blogger-asshole that comes your way?!! 😛
      And what are you saying? SRK played the perfect sarakchhap romeo that everyone going to watch Don was expecting him to play!!!! 😛 😛

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