Do not be A Doormat

A Doormat is stepped upon. A lot. Daily. Endlessly. Until it’s life is over.

Do not let yourself get trampled upon. Do not be A Doormat.

People will walk around in all sorts of shit. And then they will come back to A Doormat and try to wipe all their shitty deeds off their feet. Right in its face.

Do not take shit from anyone. Do not be A Doormat.

Everyone wants A Doormat outside their homes. Just outside only.

Do not just lie at the threshold forever. Do not be A Doormat.

Few people would be interested to write about A Doormat’s service to humanity. Fewer will be interested to read it.

Do not let your achievements be ignored. Do not be A Doormat.

Have you ever seen anyone crying because they lost their Doormat? Have you ever heard someone saying something about their ‘favourite Doormat’? A Doormat’s loss is never felt. A Doormat is never missed. A Doormat is nobody’s favourite.

Do not be taken for granted. Do not be A Doormat.